Popping in to East Barkwith

Sir Edward Leigh MP recently visited David Ward at East Barkwith Post Office to promote the services offered by local post offices.

“What we are trying to advertise today is the fact that we’ve had these bank closures which have generated some bad publicity for the banks, two banks closing in Market Rasen and one in Caistor.

“We have made a tremendous row and fuss about it because it’s very unfair, particularly on older people who don’t want to do online banking.

“What we are trying to emphasise is that as the banks are closing in rural areas, the Post Offices are ready and willing to step up to the mark to provide all the everyday banking services you would normally need from a bank.

“You normally go into your bank to deposit or withdraw money, and that’s what you can do very easily with a Post Office. We’re trying to launch a national campaign – use your Post Office as a bank.”

Posted by Edward Leigh's Office | February 27th, 2017

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