Sir Ed Backs Trade Report

Sir Edward Leigh, Conservative MP for Gainsborough and a member of the International Trade Select Committee, has welcomed the committee’s new report on UK trade options beyond 2019.

“This is a well-balanced report that shows we have a number of opportunities at hand for international trade after Brexit,” the MP of over thirty years’ service in the Commons said. “From the many viewpoints we heard and the evidence we looked at, it’s clear that the Government are laying strong foundations for our future trading arrangements both with the EU and with the rest of the world. I particularly welcome the call for a Government White Paper on UK membership of EFTA.”

“This report makes very clear that the EU and the UK have a mutual interest in agreeing a trade deal before Brexit day comes,” Sir Edward continued. “With issues like financial passporting, the imbalance is in our favour. Right now our strongest trade links with EU states are with Germany and the Netherlands. These are two core EU countries who will be leading the drive for an agreement.”

“The government has sound plans but we do seek greater clarity on what our customs arrangement with the EU will be. The Prime Minister has made clear we are leaving the Single Market, we will be outside the jurisdiction of the ECJ, and our continued membership of the WTO is a good basis for concluding Free Trade Agreements with the rest of the world.”

Posted by Edward Leigh's Office | March 7th, 2017

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