Recent responses:

Delegated Powers and Taxation (Cross Border Trade) Bill
Disability Employment
Mental Health and Benefits (Rethink Campaign)
Fossil Fuels & the Parliamentary Pension Fund
Changing Trade for Good (Fairtrade Campaign)
Emergency Response Drivers (Protection) Bill
Animal Testing and Cosmetics
Childcare for Fostered Children
Blue Belt / Marine Conservation Zones
Lung Disease
CAMRA Keep Pubs Afloat campaign
Mental Health
Childcare Vouchers Scheme
EU Withdrawal Bill & New Clause 53
EU Withdrawal / Friends of the Earth Campaign
Animal Sentience
Housing and the Green Belt
PIP Assessment
NHS Funding
Care Home Quality
Parental Bereavement Bill
Fuel Duty (FairFuel Campaign)
Assault on Emergency Workers
GP Indemnity
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe & Kamal Foroughi
“Fair Votes” / Proportional Representation
Gamebird Battery Cages
Universal Credit (Waiting Period)
Breast Cancer
Antisemitism and Criticism of Israel
Supported Housing (Unfreeze LHA Campaign)
Sale of Arms to Saudi Arabia (Use in Yemen)
Repeal Bill
Selection Committee / Nomination of Members
Anthony Nolan / ‘Who Cares?’ Campaign
Factory Farming
Executive Pay
Puppy Smuggling
Proposed Fox Purchase of Sky (UPDATED)
Environmental Protection after Brexit
Private sector involvement in the NHS
Animal Cruelty Sentencing (Battersea Campaign)
The Democratic Unionist Party
Halal & Religious Slaughter
Cycling Safety & Universal Duty to Give Way
Future of Fishing (and the London Fisheries Convention)
Frozen State Pension Overseas
School Funding
Personal Independence Payments
Bus Services Bill (Municipal Bus Companies)
Israel Apartheid Week
Closure of the Dubs Scheme
Breeding and Sale of Puppies and Other Pets
Children’s Funeral Fund
Bowel Cancer
Plant Protection Products & Glyphosate
Heineken Takeover of Punch Taverns
Adult Social Care (including Alzheimer’s Society Campaign)
Article 50 and Leaving the European Union
Trump State Visit
NHS Pay and Nurses
‘A Place to Call Home’ Campaign
Dementia Care
NSPCC Flaw in the Law Campaign
Finn’s Law (Police Animals)
Making Sex & Relationship Education Mandatory
Workers’ Rights and the European Union
A-Levels in Archaeology and Classical Civilisation
UN Resolution 2334
Prosecuting Soldiers in Northern Ireland
NAO Report / Benefits Sanctions
Istanbul Convention
Homelessness Reduction Bill
Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Child Sexual Abuse in Sport
Conductors on Southern Rail (Driver-Only Operations)
Internet Pornography and Internet Service Providers
Press Freedom and Leveson Part Two
Bilateral Investment Treaties
Spectrum Auction (Make the Air Fair Campaign)
Fur Trade
Humanist Marriage
Sale of Government Assets (EDM 689)
The Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran
Improving Lives with Multiple Sclerosis
An End to Cold Homes
Biphosphonates for Breast Cancer
Universal Credit
Further Education Spending / Adult Education
Early Years Teachers in Nurseries (Save the Children campaign)
Beer Duty Update / Autumn Statement
Kittens Bred for Sale
Disability Equality Training Bill / Assistance Dogs and Taxis
Seabass Stocks
Violence Against Women and Girls
Child Maintenance / EDM 575
Dog Meat Trade
Live Animal Exports
Mayfair Tax Loophole
Elephant conservation and ivory sales
Funeral Poverty
Support for Families of Premature Babies (Bliss Campaign)
Bus Services Bill
Children in Mosul
Energy Efficiency in Park Homes
Air Quality
Age-related Macular Degeneration
Attendance Allowance
Animal Testing (Beagle Farm in Grimston)
Children in the Yemen
Civil Service Performance Management Systems
National Stroke Strategy
Give us the internet we need
Neonicotinoid Insecticides and Bees
Reuniting Refugee Families
Proposed Development in Scotter
Kamal Faroughi
Homelessness Reduction Bill / St Mungo’s Stop the Scandal
Second Stem Cell Transplants for Blood Cancer Patients
Hinkley Point
Maximum Workplace Temperature
Hunting Act
WaterAid: Water and Toilets
‘Show Me the Money’ Amendment
‘Revenge Porn’
Policing & Crime Bill – New Clause 23
Hunting Trophies and Lion Conservation
Drug Price Loophole
Children in Yemen
Talking Buses
Detention of UK national Andargachew Tsege
Nature Directives
The Land Registry
Development on the Green Belt
Guide Dogs and Taxis
Refugee Children in Europe
Reuniting Refugees & Family Members
All Schools to Become Academies
Tobacco Products Directive
Israel Arms Embargo
Bedouin Villages in Palestine
Stop Smoking Services
European Union Referendum
Panama Papers
Proposed Cuts to Benefits for the Disabled
Pharmacy Funding
Junior Doctors (Trainee GPs)
NSPCC’s ‘It’s Time’ Campaign
Women’s Pensions
Employment and Support Allowance (Cancer and other health conditions)
EDM 445 – MPs’ Pensions and Climate Change
Use of Whips in Horseracing
Food Waste
Beer Duty Cut (CAMRA Campaign)
Student Maintenance Grants
‘No one should have no one’ – Loneliness
BBC Charter Review
Birds bred for shooting
Sexual exploitation of 16 & 17 year olds
Sunday Trading
Freedom of Information Act
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
National Wildlife Crime Unit
Tax Credits (UPDATED)
Syria (Military Intervention)
Pavement Parking
Investigatory Powers Bill
Homelessness Prevention Grant
England Coastal Path
Young Adult Carers’ Education
Onshore Hydraulic Fracturing Regulations
Freedom of Information
Support for Community Pubs
Student Loans
Protect our drinking water
Fight for Subtitles
Mothers Names on Marriage Certificates
Solar Feed-in Tariffs
Rob Marris’s Assisted Dying Bill
Off-Patent Drugs Bill
CCTV in Slaughterhouses
Backstreet Breeding (Battersea Dogs & Cats Home)

List of responses from the previous Parliament (dissolved March 30 2015):

CAFOD’s ‘Speak up for the love of…’ Campaign
NHS Free at the Point of Use
Frack Free Promise
Help Older Pedestrians Improve Their Streets
‘Mayfair loophole’ on tax avoidance
A Stitch in Time
Medicalised cannabis for MS (Sativex)
Badger Cull Start Date & Bovine TB
Woods and Trees
Where do you stand on the NHS?
No Child Born to Die (Save the Children)
Animals Matter (League Against Cruel Sports)
IFAW Animal Welfare Survey
CPR in Secondary Schools
Violence Against Children (UNICEF Campaign)
NHS Reinstatement Bill
Benefit Sanctions
Party Funding Reform
CAMRA’s Manifesto (Campaign for Real Ale)
Alzheimer’s Society Event
Oesophageal Cancer
Harvey’s Law / Dog Microchipping
Countryside Alliance Manifesto
Sex-selective Abortion / Gendercide
Sustainable Local GP Services
Walking Britain
Palestinian Human Rights Campaign (Yes/No)
Epilepsy Debate
Non-stun slaughter of animals
Gaza Six Months On
Humane, sustainable farming
Statutory Basis for SRE
Manifesto for Cats
HSBC Files
Lloyds Banking Group and Enhanced Capital Notes
Amnesty International (What will you stand for?)
Tax Dodging Bill
Injured Veterans / Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
Cold Homes & Fuel Poverty
New Clause 16 and Community Pubs
Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy
Wild Animals in Circuses
Highways Agency
TTIP / Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
Mandatory Homing of Ex-Lab Animals / EDM 196
Fracking / Changes to Trespass Law
Puppy Trafficking / EDM 381
Pedestrians / Living Streets Campaign
‘Cross Cancer Out’ campaign
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Pre-slaughter Mortality in Farm Animals
Youth Services / EDM 488
Cannabis, Savitex, and the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Teacher Workloads
Firefighters’ Pensions
Pheasants & Partridges reared to be shot / EDM 566
CCTV in Slaughterhouses
Mutual Defence Aggreement
Use of Snares
Animal Aid’s ‘Vote for Animals’ campaign
The conviction of Ghoncheh Ghavami in Iran
Plant Breeders Bill (Ghana)
Off-Patent Drugs Bill
Recognition of Palestine
EU Referendum
IFAW campaign on wildlife crime over the internet
Tenancies (Reform) Bill
Access to cancer drugs
Laws governing pet sales
Wildlife Trusts & RSPB campaign for Nature & Wellbeing Act
Guide Dogs’ campaign
AgeUK’s End Pensioner Poverty campaign
Public Service Users Bill / EDM 438
‘Vote for Bob’ RSPB campaign
Extremist Disruption Orders

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