Human Rights in Bahrain

Dear Constituent,

Thank you for contacting me about Bahrain.

I am encouraged that Parliament will be given the opportunity to debate human rights abuses and the assistance that the UK gives to Bahrain in this context.

I know that the UK Government continues to reiterate the need for Bahrain to protect and defend universal human rights – indeed, it is one of the UK’s 30 human rights priority countries. I am assured that where the Government has concerns, it consistently raises these with the Bahraini authorities, at the highest levels, both in private and in public.

For example, the UK raised the case of Nabeel Rajab directly with the Government of Bahrain, and Ministers continue to encourage Bahrain to ensure that freedom of expression and freedom of speech are fully protected for all its citizens. The British Embassy in Bahrain has closely monitored his trials. Officials from the Embassy regularly attend Mr Rajab’s court hearings, including the handing down of the latest appeal verdict. Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials continue to monitor the case closely.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British embassy in Bahrain also continue to monitor the case of Dr Al-Singace and have raised it with the Government of Bahrain at senior levels.

Where the UK has concerns on specific issues, including prison conditions, it raises these with the Bahraini authorities. It also encourages those with concerns about treatment in detention to report these to the relevant human rights oversight bodies.

Bahrain must deliver on its international and domestic human rights commitments.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.