My Plan

Dear constituent

I have been enormously proud to serve as our Member of Parliament for the past thirty-seven years. I believe I continue to have lots to offer local people. More than ever I believe we need experience to guide us during uncertain and often unpredictable times.

This election, on Thursday, 12th December, is taking place because Parliament could not agree a way forward on Brexit. After three and a half years we need to make progress so that we can get back to the things that are really important, like our NHS, schools and getting more police.

If you re-elect me as your Member of Parliament I will work for the needs of all residents. You may be absolutely assured that I will put your interests first. I live in the constituency with my wife where we raised our children.

I would be honoured to be trusted with your vote, so that I can continue to represent you. If elected my plan includes: Getting Brexit done, supporting our NHS by keeping it well-funded and free at the point of delivery, ensuring that our local schools are run by parents and teachers - free from central control, better policing with 50 more officers locally by the end of next year and supporting a fairer funding deal for local government. You can find out more by looking at the details of my plan below.

I would be honoured to continue my service for all the people of the whole of the Gainsborough Constituency.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Leigh signature

Conservative Candidate for the Gainsborough Constituency

  • Get Brexit Done

    I campaigned and voted for leave as did 62% of our constituency. I supported the Governments of both Theresa May and Boris Johnson to negotiate deals for our withdrawal, backing the deals in Parliament at each opportunity.

  • Support our NHS

    I use the NHS exclusively for myself and my family. I am totally committed to preserving its principle as a well-funded service free at the point of delivery.

  • Successful Schools

    Schools, more than ever, need to be at the forefront of our Governments thinking. We should not accept the idea that there can be winners or losers when it comes to our children’s futures.

  • Better Policing

    The public are clear they want to see more police officers on their streets. This is your priority and it is exactly what Boris Johnson and Conservatives like me are delivering in government.

  • Controlling Immigration

    A Labour government, supported by the SNP and the Liberals, will open our borders to unsustainable, uncontrolled immigration. Only the Conservatives are committed to a system that recognises the contribution that people can make to the UK.

  • A Stronger Economy

    A strong, competitive economy is the only way to build a secure and brighter future for everyone. Thanks to the hard work of the British people and tough decisions made by successive Conservative governments over the last decade, we can now afford to spend more on people’s priorities.

  • Improving Local Transport

    Decent, reliable transport connections are vital, not just to boost growth and bring our communities together, but to rejuvenate our market towns that can sometimes feel left behind.

  • Respecting our Pensioners

    I will continue to ensure that our elderly population is able to live their lives with respect and dignity. I will support a Conservative Government to ensure that pensions keep their real value. 

  • The Countryside

    Gainsborough is one of England’s biggest and most rural constituencies. We need a voice in government for our struggling village shops, post offices and amenities. We need to value the immense contribution made by volunteers and farmers to the countryside.

  • Supporting Marriage

    Marriage is the most important commitment that we make to the person we love. It is the sure foundation for building a family. Supporting couples in raising their children, letting people live their lives, must not be undermined through taxation or the welfare system.