Coronavirus: Rolling Update

Our country is facing a unique and unprecedented crisis to which many — in particular our health and social care workers — have responded with an inspirational level of dedication, professionalism, and service.

Many families, workers, businesses, and individuals have been affected by the virus and the restrictions which have been introduced in the effort to curtail it.

I and my office will continue to do our best to provide help and assistance to constituents who are in need. In addition to frequent contact with the Foreign Office regarding constituents stranded abroad, in the past few weeks I have been in touch with ministers, officials, and other relevant people regarding the following:

  • Support for small businesses affected by the virus
  • Protective equipment and other support for our NHS staff
  • Fuel supply for the agricultural sector
  • Emergency hospital provision planning in Lincolnshire
  • Home delivery of prescription medication
  • Benefits for workers affected by the virus
  • The response of schools, including their looking after the children of our key workers
  • The construction and building trades

Constituents in need of assistance can, as usual, get in touch with me via or ringing 07587147116.

There are a number of aspects of the coronavirus to which I have prepared responses that are available below. I will be adding new responses in due course.

Coronavirus Responses: