On-shore Wind Farms

Dear Constituent,

Thank you for your correspondence regarding on-shore wind farms.

This debate seems to have re-opened yet again, but it is only just a few years ago that we dealt with a proposal for a massive on-shore windfarm at Hemswell.

That plan would have blighted many of our beautiful views across Lincolnshire and threatened the dominance of the great crossing tower of Lincoln Cathedral. People were pessimistic about our chances, but we managed to defeat it.

By all means, renewable energy has a central role to play in generating electricity for Lincolnshire and for the United Kingdom. Since 2010 the renewable infrastructure for energy generation has expanded massively, and these environmentally friendly systems are now providing us with a greater proportion of our electricity than ever before.

We already have a highly successful record in off-shore wind energy that I do not see any reason why we should re-visit our previous battle by trying to impose massive fields of on-shore wind turbines on local communities.

We’re already having enough of a battle to keep solar farms from taking up our valuable and productive agricultural land. We should keep solar on brownfield sites and on rooftops, keep wind farms offshore, and foster a diversity of modes of cheaper and cleaner energy production – including nuclear – to keep Britain going.

Thank you for taking the time to write to me.