Campaign Responses

Because of the high volume of mass campaign emails I now receive it is no longer possible for me to respond to each one of them individually, as I would prefer.

Instead, responses to campaign emails are posted here, the most recent appearing at the top of the list below. On the lefthand menu you will see listed government departments, responses are grouped onto these pages. If you can't find what you are looking for please try the search function by clicking here.

Sometimes it may take a week or two to get a campaign response up, so please check back to see if one has been posted.

Constituents who write to me personally will be answered to by letter, as mentioned on the contact page.

Adult Social Care / Age UK Campaign

I believe we must all receive dignified care in old age. With an ageing population, this is one of the biggest challenges our country faces. I support the Government’s commitment to making sure that the most vulnerable in society gain the support they need.

Let Us Dance / Night Time Industry Association

It is important that as our economy begins to recover, with more businesses reopening and staff returning to work, that there is a welcoming and safe night time economy. The night time economy is hugely important to our entertainment and culture in the UK, and it is the UK's fifth largest sector.


Dear Constituent,

Thank you for contacting me about arthritis. I know this can be a very painful and debilitating condition. I recognise that living with a long-term condition, such as arthritis, has a significant impact upon a person’s wellbeing.

Warfare Experiments on Animals

I believe that the use of animals should be avoided wherever possible, and in the limited cases when animals are used, this should be done in accordance with strict guidelines to ensure any suffering is minimised.

Fur Trade

We are a nation of animal lovers, so it is only right that we have some of the highest welfare standards in the world. In addition to fur farming being banned in the UK, I am pleased to note that the import of fur products is tightly regulated. It is illegal to import furs derived from cats or dogs, or products made from them. In addition, the fur and skin of endangered animals or fish cannot be imported without a valid permit.

Swimming Pools

I am certainly one of the many people are keen to get back into the pool, so I appreciate the frustration of seeing announcements on the restarting of many other sports and activities. I know this is especially of concern to people my age and above, often whose main form of exercise is swimming, and for the parents of primary children who are missing their chance to learn to swim as part of the national curriculum.


I am a passionate supporter of pubs and believe that they are fundamental to our way of life in this country. They also play a crucial role in the economic life of our nation, as well in helping to promote responsible drinking. I'm encouraged by the support which has made available to pubs and our manifesto commitment to further cut taxes for small businesses.

Animal Testing

As an animal lover, I am deeply concerned over the treatment of animals who are used in scientific research. I am proud of Britain's long tradition of kindness to animals and preventing and punishing cruelty to them.

UK-US Free Trade Agreement

I support the Government’s commitment not to compromise the UK’s high animal welfare, environmental, food safety, and food import standards in any future FTA – including one with the US. Ministers do not want to endanger the UK’s domestic welfare production standards either.

Food Standards and UK Trade Policy

It's vital that people across the UK have confidence in the food they eat, so I welcome the Government’s very clear commitment that future trade agreements must uphold our country’s high food standards. Ministers have made clear these standards will not be watered down in pursuit of any trade deal.

Immigration Bill

Because I chaired the bill committee on the Immigration Bill, I am not able to make any statement on it.

Reception Baseline Assessment

Primary education is fundamental to ensuring every child receives the best possible start in life. The primary assessment and accountability system plays an important role in ensuring that every child, no matter what their background or where they go to school, benefits from a high-quality primary education

Extending UK-EU Negotiations

Nothing would please me more than for the United Kingdom and the European Union to reach a final lasting deal which is to the mutual benefit of both parties to these talks.


Diabetes is a leading cause of premature mortality. With over 22,000 additional deaths each year, it doubles an individual’s risk of cardiovascular disease and costs over £10 billion every year to manage.

Agriculture Bill (and Food Standards)

I put my name to the two amendments moved by Neil Parish which would have added special and specific mandates above and beyond the already existing high standards that exist in food production and import

Coronavirus: People in Poverty

This is the biggest public health emergency in a generation. I am encouraged by the clear commitment to supporting people, with unprecedented packages of support rolled out for businesses and individuals alike. I also welcome that additional support is being provided through the welfare system, representing an injection of over £6.5 billion.

Environment Bill

The decision to leave the European Union has created an historic opportunity to deliver a Green Brexit, where environmental standards are not only maintained but enhanced.

Coronavirus: British Airways Staff

I regret the commercial decisions that BA have announced, not least because the airline was benefiting from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which was not designed to fund the wages of employees only for companies to put the same staff on notice of redundancy during the furlough period.

Post Office Mediation Scheme for Subpostmasters

It is deeply troubling that the treatment of those accused of theft based on evidence from the Horizon IT system. I do not underestimate the stress this has caused to many affected by the long-running case, and from my time as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee I remember how easy it is for massive technical systems to go wrong.

Coronavirus: Maternity Pay & Leave Extension

I understand concerns for babies during this time who have missed out on interaction with other babies due to Covid-19 restrictions. To protect family and others, government guidelines recommend that social distancing in gardens and outdoor spaces should still be followed when meeting others.

Black Lives Matter

I totally abhor racism and believe it has no place in our society, nor in any. The United Kingdom is a diverse country where many peoples from all over the world have found a home in peace and security, and there are still more who aspire to come here.

Next-Generation Broadband

At the latest general election I stood on a manifesto that promised to bring full fibre and gigabit-capable broadband to every home and business across the UK by 2025.

Dominic Cummings

The national effort in following the guidelines set out by Public Health England has gone a long way towards our success in flattening the curve, and ensuring the NHS is not overwhelmed.

Coronavirus: Returning to Schools

It is important that we start getting children back to school as soon as it is safe to do so. As you know, since 23 March 2020 education and childcare settings have only been open to priority groups (vulnerable children and children of critical workers). Now that we have made progress in reducing the transmission of coronavirus, the Prime Minister has confirmed plans for a phased reopening of schools and educational settings. 

Food and Wildlife Habitats as Public Good

In framing any financial assistance scheme, the Secretary of State must have regard to the need to encourage the production of food by producers in England and its production by them in an environmentally sustainable way.

Coronavirus: Support for Dairy Farmers

Our dairy industry plays a crucial role in feeding our nation and I know this is a difficult time for the sector, particularly for suppliers of the food service trade. As demands shifts, we need to ensure that individual farmers are protected. I have made Ministers aware of the concerns you raise.

Coronavirus: Dentists

I have written to ministers regarding the Government's support for dentists during this crisis. The outbreak of the virus is of concern to people and business across the country. The measures announced by the Government aim to support those most impacted by the lockdown measures.

Coronavirus: Courts & Prison

I welcome the collaborative approach taken by Public Health England and Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service. This is essential to ensure the implementation of measures to keep prisoners and prison staff safe, protect the NHS and enable the continued operation of the prison estate. 

Coronavirus: Travel Industry

I know the UK travel industry is facing real difficulty in light of the coronavirus outbreak and I fully appreciate your concerns and the seriousness of the situation.

Coronavirus: Road Hauliers

I know the present situation is causing real difficulties for the road haulage sector and I have been in touch with ministers regarding the industry. I also understand that the sector has a vital role to play in the national effort to combat the spread of the disease.

Coronavirus and Social Care

I completely agree that social care is at the front line of the fight with coronavirus, protecting vulnerable people and continuing to provide vital care in communities across the country.

Animal Welfare & Trade Agreements

All animals deserve to be respected and cared for throughout their lives, so the Government has made a clear commitment that future trade agreements will uphold our country’s high animal welfare standards. These standards will not be watered down in pursuit of any trade deal. 

Coronavirus: Construction and Building

I share your concern for the safety of all workers who are continuing to travel to work, as they are unable to work from home, including construction workers. The Chief Medical Officer has confirmed that under his advice these workers can continue to work and travel to work.

Coronavirus: Ventilator Supply

Ventilators are vital to treating people with severe cases of COVID-19. It is welcome that the Government has issued a national call-to-arms, asking manufacturers across the country to turn their capabilities towards building more ventilators, while also doing everything it can to buy as many ventilators around the world as possible.

Coronavirus: Foreign Office Response

Consular teams are working around the clock to provide the most accurate information to UK nationals abroad. Travel advice is constantly updated and I know ministers continue to keep advice under close and constant review. I have been assured that the UK will do everything in its power to get those British nationals affected the care, support and advice they need. 

Coronavirus: Childcare Providers

In response to the outbreak of coronavirus and the increasing number of confirmed cases in the UK, the Government has closed early years providers. Early years providers will only remain open to the children of critical workers who are vital to our fight against coronavirus, such as NHS staff, police and delivery drivers, and the most vulnerable children.

Coronavirus: Business Support

t the Budget the Chancellor set out the first stage of the Government’s response with a £30 billion package of support for people and businesses. This included supporting small and medium-sized businesses to cope with the extra costs of Statutory Sick Pay by refunding eligible costs.

Coronavirus: Support for Private Renters

The Government is taking action to help the 4.6 million households in the private rented sector by protecting them from rogue landlords, banning unfair fees, and ensuring they have access to longer-term tenancies.

Coronavirus: Protective Equipment for NHS Staff

NHS staff, care workers, and other medical professionals are on the frontline in the fight against coronavirus, and I am in awe of their dedication, skill and professionalism. Let me assure you that ministers are doing everything they can to ensure the NHS has the equipment and resources it needs to get our country through this crisis.

Coronavirus: Testing

The Prime Minister and Health Secretary promised industry leaders that they would be given whatever support they need to help government increase testing capabilities across the country. The increased capacity is expected to be ready within four weeks, with highest-priority cases being tested first.

School Uniform Costs

I believe uniforms can play a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone. Schools are expected to consult with parents and pupils, and take their views into account when setting the school uniform policy.

NHS Waiting Times

The NHS Long Term Plan laid out how this funding will be invested, with a focus on primary, community and mental health services, helping to deliver prevention and to manage demand.

Mental Health

I am extremely encouraged by the news that, as part of the five-year funding offer that will see the annual NHS budget grow by over £33.9 billion, mental health services will receive budget growth of £2.3 billion over the five-year funding settlement, the fastest uplift in funding.

Affordable Housing

I completely understand concerns regarding the availability of affordable homes, and it is vital that more homes are built which people on lower incomes can afford to live in. That is why I welcome the recent planning reforms which encourage more affordable housing to be built, on top of the over half a million homes built during the last decade

Teach the Future / Climate in the Curriculum

The environment is an important part of the national curriculum, with the fundamental concepts taught at primary school, before progressing to a higher level of awareness and understanding at secondary school.

Dementia and Alzheimer's

Dementia is a top priority for the Government. In 2015, the Challenge on Dementia 2020 was launched and I know that the Government remains committed to delivering this. This sets out the vision for dementia care, support, awareness, and research to be transformed by 2020.

Oceans and Marine Protection

Oceans are currently facing unprecedented challenges, including climate change and over-fishing. It is more important than ever to take action to ensure our seas are healthy, abundant and resilient.

Preventing Child Deaths

The UK is the largest donor to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, committing £1.44 billion between 2016 and 2020. This support will vaccinate 76 million additional children by 2020, saving 1.4 million lives from vaccine-preventable diseases in 68 of the world’s poorest countries.

Absestos Victims Compensation

I am deeply saddened by cases of asbestos related disease am sympathetic to people who are unable to trace a liable employer or insurer against whom they can bring forward a claim for these terrible diseases.


Even just one person without a roof over his or her head is one too many, and it is vitally important that the most vulnerable people in society are helped to get their lives back on track.

European Defence & the UK

The Government has made it absolutely clear that the United Kingdom will not be part of any European Union defence capability and that NATO is the cornerstone of our security cooperation in Europe.

Bishops in the Lords

The House of Lords plays a central role in the legislative process of our country as a revising chamber. While they respect the democratic legitimacy of the House of Commons, their role is to add another level of scrutiny and to bring to the Government’s attention aspects of proposed legislation which may cause unexpected problems.

Animal Cruelty Sentencing

I am a keen animal lover and know you’ll agree with me that there is no place in this country for animal cruelty.