Sir Edward: Help Our Flooded Farmers

Farmers in low-lying areas of Lincolnshire are suffering from flooding, so I told ministers today that any update on the support that they can be given would be very helpful.

Coming Soon: Gainsborough's Own Cinema

Coming soon to Gainsborough: a Savoy Cinema.

Thanks to the £6 million I persuaded Michael Gove to give in Levelling Up funds.

Works are underway in the Market Place and around Gainsborough through the money central government is investing in our town.

Free Up Scampton for Regeneration Now

Fifteen months after the Government announced that they were taking over the whole of RAF Scampton and putting 2,000 migrants there, not a single one has arrived.

Visit Gainsborough!

Here in Gainsborough we have the finest urban Tudor hall in England — visit Gainsborough Old Hall!

In the 1960s some councillors wanted to knock it down and build a car park.

Thanks to the Friends of the Old Hall it was saved.

And currently blooming!

Sir Ed: Upgrade Our Rural Mobile Coverage

Sir Edward Leigh called for improving the level of mobile phone coverage in the countryside at Science, Innovation, and Technology questions in the House of Commons.

Pressing EA for Action Against Flooding

I'm at Short Ferry today meeting with Henry Ward and other local farmers.

Flooding is on the agenda. The Environment Agency has been neglecting to repair the local river banks.

They don't offer proper compensation nor do they have a properly compensated flood plain strategy.

Magnificent Help for Dementia Sufferers

Today I went to Nettleham to attend the Buddies Dementia Café that meets in the Village Hall.

This is an excellent charity that meets twice a month to provided support to those suffering from dementia as well as their carers.

13,000 acres — and for what?

This weekend I met with local campaigners fighting the solar panel proposals.

Current applications plan for 13,000 acres to be covered with solar panels within a six-mile radius around Gainsborough town.