Leisure Centre Open for Swimming and Gymming

This morning I visited our wonderful leisure centre at Gainsborough.

Welcome back today for happy swimming and the gym.

Thank you to the team at Everyone Active and West Lindsey District Council.

Inspecting Drains in Nettleton

Out and about in Nettleton today I witnessed first hand the ongoing drainage problems.

I urge Lincolnshire County Council to unblock the drain.

A stream is permanently flowing right down the street and there will be an accident come winter when it freezes over.

Backing Gainsborough with the Communities Secretary

I met with the Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick yesterday putting the case for Gainsborough to get better funding.

We need to tackle pockets of deprivation like the South West Ward but WLDC also have well-thought-out plans for the whole town and its surrounding communities.

Guarding Our Health and Our Freedom

Following a series of record-breaking days, more than half the adults in the United Kingdom have now received at least their first dose of the vaccine. For the over-70s and at-risk categories these percentages are even higher.

Sir Ed Protests Proposed Roads Grant Cut

Sir Edward Leigh MP has written to the Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, to protest the proposed cut of central government funding for Lincolnshire's roads budget.

A Town Deal for Gainsborough

I was hoping to put the case for Gainsborough to get a Town Deal in a House of Commons debate on the Towns Fund this afternoon. Unfortunately the debate was oversubscribed and not everyone was able to get a spot on the speaking list.

MOD Confirms No Talks Yet with Scampton Takers

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed to Sir Edward Leigh, the Conservative MP for Gainsborough, that it has not yet had any discussions with private companies interested in securing the site of RAF Scampton for future development.

Lincolnshire Vaccine Rollout Update

I was glad to visit the vaccination centre at the John Coupland Hospital in Gainsborough to see the Lincolnshire vaccine rollout in action. Our medical professionals are working hard to make sure our vulnerable people get their jabs in time. Local NHS officials inform me that by the time you read

Equitable Life policyholders need justice

The Equitable Life scandal has turned into a saga – it’s now decades since the facts emerged. Those facts are well-known: dubious practices were rife at Equitable Life. There was, as Lord Penrose put it, a culture of “manipulation and concealment”.