A Stronger Economy

A strong, competitive economy is the only way to build a secure and brighter future for everyone. Thanks to the hard work of the British people and tough decisions made by successive Conservative governments over the last decade, we can now afford to spend more on people’s priorities.

As part of a Conservative Government I will champion and support business, seizing on the UK’s strengths as a centre of innovation and enterprise

I will continue to back our local business: keeping taxes low, expanding the opportunities of free trade and investing in the vital new infrastructure that businesses need to move and trade across the country and the globe.

Since 2010 there are an additional 53,600 business in our region.

I will continue to support our local councils to deliver the regeneration of our market towns. I will continue support the district council's ambitious heritage-led plans to regenerate Gainsborough and delivery of the new homes of the southern and northern neighbourhoods.