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Coronavirus: Rolling Update

Our country is facing a unique and unprecedented crisis to which many — in particular our health and social care workers — have responded with an inspirational level of dedication, professionalism, and service.

MP Slams Northern Ireland Abortion Framework Proposal

Sir Edward Leigh MP, the President of the Catholic Union of Great Britain, has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemning the proposed framework for introducing abortion to Northern Ireland as going “far, far beyond” what is legally required.

Standing for Speaker

When a vacancy occurs I intend to stand for the office of Speaker. I would be a traditional speaker who does not speak much. Like a judge I would, by my conduct and dress, submerge my personality into the office. I would be rigidly impartial.

Minister Confirms More Cash for Lincolnshire Police

Policing Minister Nick Hurd has confirmed to Sir Edward Leigh, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Gainsborough, that the government will boost funding for Lincolnshire Police in response to pressure from local Conservative MPs.